Project View

In Livetronica Studio, you build your set by creating scenes from loops, samples and track.  The project view shows all scenes, as a grid (a similar approach to that used by ableton for the session view). Here you can organize your audio clips and effects into the scenes, and set how they will interact, and sync to one another.  Additionally, you can trigger scenes to begin to play, and control how they transition (ie fade, immediate, stutter).

The Turntables

A central concept of Livetronica Studio is that you can place any audio clip (loop, sample or track) on a turntable (which similar to Serato products or Traktor – and can be configured to use midi controllers or timecoded vinyl for scratching). Unlike other products, you can also load VST and AudioUnit plugins to the turntables.  This way you can add any plugin effect in your library to the turntables! Additionally, you can control the timing characteristics (bpm, pitch, freq) in radically different ways than with conventional turntable emulators (quantizing the pitch shifting for example, and then changing the pitch of all elements consistent with a selectable audio scale – Major/minor, etc).

DJ Console

There is also a traditional DJ view – this is what every one of our competitors looks like; you’ve seen it a hundred times before, the ribbon style waveforms for the two turntables on top, then filters, effect, cue point, track info and other controls in the middle, and your iTunes library on the bottom. This view is coming along quickly – so send us what you would like to see!